Draft Entry #1: Mid-draft Blues

So, what’s with all these distractions? I swear that every time I hit that gold mine within my novel draft some sort of gold-hungry horde comes and takes it away. That sudden euphoria I felt when I finally figured out what’s going to happen in the entire novel? Good riddance. Nowhere to be seen. Like a man-whore disappearing when he finds out his girl is pregnant. Seriously, though, right now I’m stuck in such a rut I can’t even see where the hell my novel might even go to next. The sucking of my motivation can happen in a myriad of forms, really.

Oh, what’s that? The novel I’m currently reading has sword fighting and dragons eating people? Now I’m in the mood for sword fighting and dragons eating people. Did I stumble across a plot hole in my draft, and perhaps try to calmly fix it via brainstorming and silent thinking?  Nope. I panic. I try to make it work the way it already is written instead of, you know… Writing it a different way?

But anyways, I guess that speaks more of me than whether the ideas are any good or not. I bring this up because most of the time the euphoria I feel arrives because of a kickass idea I suddenly get (or what I thought was a kickass idea at the time). The kicker is, though, that executing an idea is a lot more complicated than actually coming up with it. I can’t get my sense of fulfillment from that kickass idea because the euphoria will eventually die away. It’s up to me to actually force myself through the mire and actually stick with this (shitty?) idea till the end.

I might’ve dropped out of this draft, like I’ve done with every other draft I’ve started to write, ever. But I made myself a challenge. By the end of this year, I’m going to finish that draft. Yup. From beginning to end, until I’m sick of this idea I’ve created. I’m starting this blog just so I can push myself to actually finish this draft. Not send it in for publication, not have it looked at by an editor, but just finish it. No matter how bad and awful it is I just want to finish my first draft. At least so I could say that I’ve written something to its completion in my life.

This sets up one simple rule from the get-go: I’ve basically got two months and a half to finish it. The due date is December 31st by default, I guess? What I’m going to do with this draft, I have no idea. But I’m going to finish it!

So, current state of the draft? I’ve got the skeleton of the novel, basically. But what happens in between those bones is “the problem”. I know what will happen from point A to Z, but don’t know what points B, C, D, etc. are going to be. The last idea I had that would maybe give the novel a kick start is the addition of an antagonist that’s following the MCs (I’ll always address my main characters this way) to all the places they go. It could add a sense of tension or something… I don’t know. Maybe I should just add swords and people-eating dragons and call it a day.

To any writer out there that feels the same way, you’re not alone! I’ve never finished a draft in my life, but damn it, I will not die before finishing one! Feel free to comment about any current draft you’re writing or how you deal with the mid-draft blues. Join me on this journey for the cure of mid-draft blues.


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